Nobel Prize 2023. The best writer in the world? The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded

Jon Fosse (fot. /Berg-Rusten, Ole /PAP/NTB)

This year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature has been waiting for it for 22 years. He was first mentioned among the favorites to win in 2001. 22 years later, Jon Fosse receives an award. Read what the Nobel committee decided to award the writer for.

Jon Fosse is a Norwegian writer who was first mentioned in speculation as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in 2001 by the newspaper “Aftenposten”. Now he has won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable. His work – as the Swedish Academy writes – is full of warmth and humor, as well as naive sensitivity to raw images of human experiences. The prize is awarded for a writer’s entire body of work.

The Norwegian newspaper VG reported that Fosse was driving when he received information about the award.

Fosse said he was “overwhelmed and somewhat frightened” by the award. “I see this as an award to the literature that first and foremost aims to be literature, without other considerations,” he said in a statement.

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