The longest actors’ strike in Hollywood history is over!

SAG-AFTRA (fot. deadline)

The end of the longest actors’ strike in Hollywood history. SAG-AFTRA and the movie studios reached a compromise. Actors who belong to the SAG-AFTRA union are returning to work following an agreement reached after 118 days of strike.

The end of the strike is good news for the entire entertainment industry. Thanks to this, productions can resume operations. Due to the end of one of the longest actors’ strikes in history, we can expect new premieres and announcements of movies and series soon. We will see whether the agreement will affect the quality of content offered by Hollywood.

The agreement includes, among others: actions to protect the rights of actors in the face of the development of artificial intelligence, an increase in most minimum wage rates by 7%, the creation of a new wage fund, and benefit plans for three years. Additionally, there is a new residual bonus of $40 million, as well as an increase in the number of extras employed under union terms on the West Coast. The SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee unanimously recommended approval of the agreement. The vote on ratification will take place on December 5. The agreement is expected to be approved by union members.