Netflix cancels one of its hits after two seasons!


Netflix will not continue fantasy series ‘Shadow and Bone’. This is quite a surprise, because the production was popular and received good reviews!

The most popular streaming platform in the world adds tons of content to its catalog almost every day. Even though licenses for individual productions have ended, new ones are taking their place. However, Netflix, as a producer of films and series, also looks at the profitability of original works, which results in, for example, the termination of some series. One such example is the series “Shadow and Bone”.

What are the reasons for this decision? While the first season conquered Netflix, the second season remained in the TOP-10 of English-language series for five weeks and never reached the leading position. The series was produced on a grand scale from the very beginning, so production costs and the return on investment ratio may also have been important. This decision could also have been influenced by the screenwriters’ and actors’ strike, as well as the reorganization of work at large streaming players. It is no surprise that Netflix deletes series, but it is a pity that in many cases it does not close them with a coherent ending.