The cast of “Friends” under fire after the death of Matthew Perry

The cast of the series "Friends" (photo:

Matthew Perry died unexpectedly over the weekend. The actor gained worldwide fame thanks to his role as Chandler in the series “Friends”. All the media are reporting on the actor’s sudden death, condolences for the family are pouring in from all over the world, and Hollywood is in shock. However, several people remain silent and fans are outraged by this. The remaining stars of the “Friends” cast did not comment on the matter.

Matthew Perry died suddenly in a jacuzzi at his home on October 28. The unconscious actor was found by his assistant. The actor had no signs of murder on his body. No drugs were found on him. The first reports about the actor’s cause of death indicate drowning. However, the official cause is unknown. At this point, the autopsy has been completed and a toxicology report has been ordered. Meanwhile, condolences are pouring in from all over the world for the actor’s closest family and friends.

Hollywood and fans of the cult “Friends” are mourning the loss of Matthew Perry. His fans, actors who played or were friends with him, and even politicians, including the Prime Minister of Canada, with whom Perry went to school, share their memories of the actor or expressions of sympathy. Among the condolences, there are no messages from the remaining members of the main cast of “Friends”. Fans are still waiting for Jennifer Aniston (the series’ Rachel), David Schwimmer (the series’ Ross), Matt LeBlanc (the series’ Joey), Courteney Cox (the series’ Monica) and Lisa Kudrow (the series’ Phoebe) to comment on the matter. However, the actors remain silent, and fans begin to visit their social profiles en masse and write offensive comments, accusing them of abandoning their friend.

“Friends” aired for 10 years from 1994 to 2004. The series has had a huge impact on culture, television history and language. The sitcom is still widely watched all over the world. The cast of “Friends” repeatedly emphasized that they had become family to each other and were constantly in contact with each other. In his autobiography, Perry recalled that Aniston lent a helping hand to him when he was struggling with addiction. Fans are even more shocked by the lack of reaction of Aniston, Schwimmer, LeBlanc, Cox and Kudrow to Perry’s death. Some fans, however, point out that the news about Perry’s death was so sudden and unexpected that the actors may be in shock and want to mourn in private, speaking out when they are ready.

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