2,000 mummified heads have been found in Egypt


This find stunned the world. Scientists have found in Egypt the ruins of a temple from several thousand years ago, and inside, two thousand mummified heads. Researchers believe they were there for one reason.

The find took place in the central-eastern part of Egypt. An American research team dug up the ruins of a temple from several thousand years ago. However, more than the ruins of the temple, the scientists were fascinated by what they found inside the building.

Inside the discovered temple, scientists found two thousand mummified ram heads and a smaller group of mummified heads of dogs, wild goats, cows, deer and ostriches. As they established together with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt, some of the heads were placed to honor the memory of Ramesses II, one of the greatest rulers of Ancient Egypt, who died in 1213 BC. In the past, rams and other animals were used as sacrifices. The found remains of heads could have been in the temple before 1,000 B.C.E. years, and some of them even more than 4.3 thousand years ago.

Other finds from these excavations were statues, papyrus, clothes, leather shoes, and tree remains. They are probably dated to 2675-2170 BC.

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