Nike introduces the first menstrual product to be worn by female footballers at the 2023 World Cup

Nike, Nike One Shorts (photo: Twitter)

Nike meets the needs of women professionally practicing sports. The company has created its first menstrual product that will increase the comfort of athletes during competition during the period and protect against unwanted leaks. The product will be worn by female footballers at the 2023 World Cup.

Nike launches its first-ever menstrual innovation, a lining material called Leak Protection. It’s an ultra-thin, absorbent liner that helps protect against menstrual leaks, made of a double-layer laminate gusset that absorbs, drains and retains blood, with a membrane that acts as a barrier to prevent leaks. Specialized fabric makes its first appearance in the Nike One Shorts.

Leak Protection will not replace a tampon or sanitary pads or menstrual underwear, but will be a second protection that will eliminate the danger of leakage during movement. Nike has been working on the product since 2019. After completing the work on the material, the company subjected it to numerous tests. The lining was tested with artificial menstruation – including a data-backed “flow rate” and “recipe” for synthetic blood that actually matches the viscosity of menstrual fluid. The product was also tested by athletes during thousands of test hours.

The final product, the Nike One Short (Leak Protection), will be available worldwide from early April.

For now, the only other confirmed product to feature the new technology is the Nike Pro Shorts, but they will only be available to players during the upcoming 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. As part of kits for 13 Nike associations.

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