Ukraine mocks Putin with judo stamp made by Banksy


Ukrainian citizens in long queues around the capital Kiev.

The stamp, issued to mark the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is an image of a graffiti painting by British artist Banksy.

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The painting depicts Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has a black belt in judo, being knocked down by a small boy during a judo match.

To emphasize the message, the stamp is also equipped with the letters ‘FCK PTN’ in the lower left corner.

  • We believe that the Ukrainian stamp ‘FCK PTN’ will be prophetic, and in 2023 Ukraine, which is smaller measured in area, but 100 times more motivated, will finally send Russia to the floor, says Igor Smelyansky, head of the postal service in Ukraine, according to Inside The Games.

The original painting can be found in the town of Borodyanka near Kiev and is very metaphorically painted on a wall that has been ruined as a result of Russia’s bombing of the town.

The artwork has become iconic in Ukraine because it symbolizes hope and depicts the country’s fierce resistance to the Russian invasion.

All profits from the sale of stamps go to humanitarian purposes, such as rebuilding schools that have been destroyed by Russian forces.

The painting in Borodyanka is one of seven works that Banksy has created on destroyed buildings around Ukraine.

Banksy also showed his support for Ukraine back in December when he published and sold 50 exclusive prints and donated the proceeds in support of the Ukrainian people.