The legendary Dave Grohl surprises Metallica fans

Dave Grohl (fot.

Dave Grohl is not only the legendary drummer of Nirvana and the frontman of the cult Foo Fighters. Grohl is also a die-hard fan of the band Metallica. The musician surprised fans when he was spotted watching a Metallica concert like an ordinary person, i.e. in the crowd of fans on the stadium floor, instead of in the VIP area.

How does it feel to be at a concert of your favorite band and meet another musician you love there? Metallica fans who had the opportunity to attend the band’s concert with Dave Grohl know this.

Dave Grohl is the vocalist and guitarist of the cult rock band Foo Fighters and the drummer of the legendary band Nirvana. Grohl is also a musician who has been considered one of the nicest artists in the world for years – this is how most journalists and stage people who had the opportunity to meet him describe him. Now fans of the band Metallica also know him. It turns out that Grohl went to the band’s concert, like any average person, and had fun on the stadium floor in the company of the audience. The fans who stood closest to Grohl even took photos with him, which the musician had no problem with.

After the incident went viral, netizens began praising Grohl for the fact that, despite his popularity, Grohl found time to meet other concertgoers, appearing to forego any VIP treatment.

It has been known since summer that Grohl is a big fan of the band Metallica. Grohl said in an interview: “I will be a die-hard Metallica fan until the day I die. I bought their first album on cassette from a mail order catalog. I’ve never heard of them… And the description was “thrash metal”. It sounded scary and cool. So I sent them my $6 or $7 and a few weeks later I got the tape in the mail. “It was „Kill ‘Em All” and it blew my fucking mind.”

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