The Beatles are back with their final song!

The Beatles (fot. upworthy)

The Beatles released a new song. How is this possible? After all, John Lennon has been dead for years. All thanks to the tape given by Lennon’s wife to the surviving members of the band. Here’s everything we know about “Now And Then”.

The Beatles ended their activity while John Lennon was still alive. However, their music is still alive, so the world went crazy when it found out that The Beatles were releasing a new song.

“Now and Then” does not mark the band’s resumption. The song itself isn’t entirely new either. “Now And Then” was created by John Lennon. Although Yoko Ono, Lennon’s wife, gave the tape to the living Beatles, they could not do anything with it. There was no method that would allow for tampering with the tape to separate the voice from the instrument. Eventually, however, a method was found that allowed Lennon’s vocals to be separated from the instrument, which in turn allowed the surviving Beatles to overdub Lennon’s vocals with instruments and put everything together.

The song, titled “Now And Then”, is said to come from a recording found on a cassette that Lennon recorded before his tragic attack in 1980. Apparently, artificial intelligence also helped the living Beatles while working on the song. To confirm that the release of the song does not mean the return of The Beatles, is the fact that the band itself promotes the single as the last song of The Beatles.

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