Rapper Post Malone will release a country album?

Post Malone (fot. Glamour)

Although Post Malone usually creates rap and hip-hop music, the musician is a huge country fan. Now he has confirmed that he is working on a country album.

Post Malone creates music on the border between rap and hip-hop on a daily basis. However, Post Malone does not limit himself only to this type of recordings. The musician is fond of country music and has even created several covers of the most famous country songs. However, what he is planning now has surprised everyone.

Post Malone is working on a country album. The rapper revealed this during a recent Twitch livestream when he was asked multiple times about his new venture into the genre. Post Malone also revealed that he is currently working on two albums, but did not provide any additional details or reveal if one or both projects are related to country music.

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