Dave Grohl uses his day off from concerts to cook for people in need!

Dave Grohl (fot. Instagram)

Dave Grohl is the frontman of the legendary band Foo Fighters. He is also a guy with a big heart, which is best demonstrated by his recent behavior. The musician decided to use his one day break from the Foo Fighters concerts in Australia to help others, instead of resting. For 18 hours, the musician cooked for Australian people in need.

Dave Grohl spent his day off from Foo Fighters’ Australian tour helping those in need during a local heatwave. Grohl spent 18 hours cooking meals for those in need.

The Big Umbrella Foundation, a charity that helps feed people who are homeless and food insecure, was organizing a massive relief effort for Australians in need last Friday. That’s when Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters showed up and volunteered to help prepare meals for those in need. The foundation announced on its Instagram that Grohl was one of the volunteers who prepared and served a number of basic barbecue dishes at Federation Square in Melbourne on Friday.

Dave Grohl arrived at the foundation at 9:00 a.m., along with his friends and the organizer responsible for coordinating the Foo Fighters stadium concerts, and prepared traditional American barbecue dishes for the next 18 hours. During this time, he prepared a lot of pulled beef rolls and grilled 120 kg of meat. In addition, he served people waiting in line for meals for 2 hours and distributed 450 meals. Later, he posed with anyone willing to take a photo and signed autographs on paper plates.

In February this year, Grohl helped out in the same way in the United States during a blizzard. He then cooked for 24 hours for the homeless at the Hope the Mission shelter in Los Angeles.

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