Nobel Prize 2023. Here is the laureate in economics

Claudia Goldin, Nobel Prize 2023 in economics (photo: onet)

The Nobel Prize is awarded in six categories. Last week we learned about the winners of five of them. Today it’s time to announce the winner in the last category. Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics?

This year, the Nobel Prize in Economics went to a professor from Harvard. Professor Claudia Goldin from Harvard won the award thanks to her research focusing on women in the labor market.

Professor Claudia Goldin received the Nobel Prize in Economics for pointing out the role and problems of women in the labor market. As the Swedish Academy emphasizes, this year’s laureate in economics, Claudia Goldin, presented the first comprehensive description of women’s earnings and their participation in the labor market over the centuries.

Professor Goldin is a specialist in U.S. economic history and a leading researcher on the empirical microeconomics of gender discrimination, preference differences, and economic inequality.

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