About half of gamers find a good friend or spouse through gaming, new research suggests

(fot. Forbes)

Video games are not only a chance to de-stress after a hard day, but also an opportunity to find true friendship or love. Nearly half of the players met their future partner or good friend thanks to games and gaming-related activities.

The gaming community is growing every year. It already covers all age groups, genders, and cultures. We learned a little more about the advantages of games from the Power of Play 2023 report prepared by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

Published results from academic studies and global surveys (multiple-choice) indicate that games are a significant help in establishing relationships. The truth of this statement was confirmed by as many as 42% of respondents (let’s mark: active gamers) who confirmed that thanks to games and gaming-related activities (this may include multiplayer games, forums, chats, meetings, guilds, conventions or LAN events) they met a future partner or a good friend.

A large group of respondents (58%) believe that video games help alleviate the feeling of loneliness and isolation, and 52% use them to cope in difficult times.

In many countries around the world, fun is the main reason for playing video games, but as many as 71% of people use them to reduce stress. Interestingly, the only regions in the study where stress reduction was not a primary benefit were Poland and South Korea. Respondents from both countries indicated establishing interpersonal bonds as the most important advantage of games.

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