The actors went on strike and walked off the red carpet at the premiere of “Oppenheimer”. What happened?

The cast of "Oppenheimer" (tvn24)

The premiere of one of the most anticipated films of 2023 is behind us. The creators and cast of “Oppenheimer” took to the red carpet. The premiere of Nolan’s new film took place in the face of scandal. The actors fled the venue during the event and went on strike. This has not been the case for 60 years. We know what it’s all about.

This has not been the case for 60 years. The actors walked out of the premiere of the film. Although the situation seems unusual, it turns out that it was meticulously planned. The organizers of the premiere of the film “Oppenheimer”, as well as its creator, Christopher Nolan, knew what the actors were going to do. Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. and Florence Pugh ran off the carpet and out of the theater because the actors’ union they belong to has joined the screenwriters’ strike that is going on in Hollywood. The possibility of joining the strike was widely discussed the day before the premiere, so in order to avoid canceling the event, which had been planned for months, the event started an hour before the planned start of the actors’ strike, so that the cast could at least pose on the red carpet.

The Hollywood writers’ strike has been going on for several months. Screenwriters are fighting for higher minimum wages and limiting the use of artificial intelligence. The Actors Guild of America announced that if the situation did not change and the strike was not quickly ended in the way the writers wanted, they would join the strikers. So it happened. As a result, the cast of “Oppenheimer” had to miss the premiere of the work. From now on, they are not allowed to participate in any events promoting their work or give interviews. If the strike lasts until September, the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival will be empty as actors won’t be able to set foot on it.

The Actors Guild joined the striking writers to stop the process of replacing real actors with computer avatars created by artificial intelligence.

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