Talks are underway for a sequel to “The Bodyguard”. You won’t believe who could play the role of Whitney Huston!


“The Bodygaurd” is a famous love story in which Kevin Costner played the bodyguard of a singer portrayed by Whitney Huston. The American media reported that talks are underway about a possible continuation of the film. Who would play the lead role? You won’t believe it!

“The Bodyguard” was one of the most popular films of the 1990s, starring Kevin Costner alongside Whitney Houston to the delight of viewers around the world. Now a sequel is being considered and Meghan Markle is tipped for the lead role.

The American media report that Kevin Costner wants Meghan Markle to play the main role because of how much she unites and divides the world’s audience. Costner is reportedly convinced that this would ensure the film’s financial success. Interestingly, this would be the second time a member of the royal family has been considered to star in the sequel to the legendary “The Bodygaurd”. In 2012, Kevin Costner revealed that after the success of the film, he considered making a sequel with Princess Diana.

“All I remember is that she was incredibly sweet on the phone and asked the question, ‘Will we have a scene like a kiss? She said it in a very respectful way. I said, “Yeah, there’s going to be some [kissing], but we can do that too.” Diana, however, gave a timid response: “Look, maybe at some point my life will become my own. Go ahead and do the script, and when it’s ready, I’ll be in a really good place.” Costner said in an interview with People Magazine.

Would you like to see the continuation of “The Bodygaurd” with Meghan Markle in the lead role?

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