Interactive comedy on Netflix. It is YOU who decides the fate of the characters in the film!

Screenshot from "Choose Love" (netflix)

The interactive comedy “Choose Love” is a Netflix novelty in which you decide the plot and the fate of the characters. The film can be watched on the platform now.

Netflix is constantly looking for ways to attract new subscribers. Now Netflix has created a romantic comedy in which the viewers will decide the fate of the characters. All thanks to the fact that the film is interactive. During the screening, questions appear on the screen in which Netflix asks what the character should do next. Then what you chose from the Netflix suggested answers happens in the video.

The film is entitled “Choose Love” and is a production in which viewers have an impact on the development of the plot, remembering that every choice has its consequences. What will the story tell about?

The movie is about Cami. Seemingly fulfilled woman. Cami Conway has it all. She has a good job, a place to live and is getting ready for her wedding. However, she lacks something. She feels her life could have been better. She wonders if she missed her chance to be a singer and if Paul is a good candidate for a husband. This time, however, it is not her alone, and we will decide her fate. It is us who will decide which way of life Cami will choose through choices. Decisions will have consequences.

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