George Clooney’s famous 25-room villa on Lake Como is up for sale

George Clooney's villa on Lake Como (photo: mistermovie)

George Clooney’s villa on Lake Como is up for sale for an exorbitant sum. The house in northern Italy has 25 rooms, large gardens, an outdoor swimming pool and a theater.

George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney have put their famous villa on Lake Como up for sale for an astonishing amount. The sale marks the end of an era in the couple’s lives, as this is where their paths first crossed.

According to Page Six, the sale is aimed at high-net-worth individuals only and does not include any public advertising or press coverage. If the property sells for close to the asking price, it would mean a significant profit for the actor. Clooney bought the estate for $7 million. The amount for which the villa is now up for sale is USD 107 million.

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