Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are preparing a full-length film defaming the royal family

Harry and Meghan (Twitter)

Foreign media reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are working on a full-length production about life in the British royal family. The couple reportedly feel that certain lines from the Netflix documentary “Harry and Meghan” need clarification.

“Harry and Meghan” is a documentary series created in cooperation with Prince Harry and his wife and Netflix. In this documentary, the couple talked about how they met, how the press harassed Meghan and how and why they decided to leave the British royal family and resign from all official duties related to it.

It seems that after the success of the production of “Harry and Meghan”, the couple and Netflix are planning another production. However, it will not be anything for children, as previously announced. Netflix wants to work with the prince and his wife further, but only if the productions tell about their lives.

The new film from the royal couple and Netflix is supposedly inspired by another production of the platform, which will tell about Prince Andrew’s interview with BBC journalist Emily Maitlis. According to foreign media, Meghan and Harry decided to wait for its premiere to assess the reception of the production by the audience. Success or lack of it will judge whether they decide to make their own film.

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