Breakthrough in Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ custody case

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner (fot. people)

Last month, the internet media reported on the unexpected divorce of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. Their fight for their children turns out to be even more surprising. What appears to be a very harmonious couple, it turns out that Turner and Jonas are now arguing over custody of their children. Now the media are reporting a breakthrough in this case.

After much mediation, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have reached a resolution in their ongoing custody battle over their children. The former celebrity couple, who recently announced their split, is in a court dispute over where their children would live. Turner wants them to be with her in England. Jonas would like to live with them in Miami. It turns out that there has been a breakthrough in the case. Documents filed in court on Tuesday show that the couple entered into a temporary custody agreement.

Turner and Jonas released a statement to E.T. after the agreement saying “After a productive and successful mediation, we have agreed that the children will spend time equally in loving homes in both the U.S. and the UK. We look forward to being great co-parents.”

Under this agreement, Sophie Turner will have two children, three-year-old Willa and one-year-old Delphine, from October 9 to 21. The children will then spend time with Joe Jonas from October 21 to November 2. This care schedule will continue on a rotating basis, with Turner having the children until November 22, Jonas until December 16, and Turner again until January 7. Thanks to this solution, children have the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their father and Christmas with their mother.

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