Jennifer Lopez releases her first album in 10 years. She will also release a film. When is the premiere?

Jennifer Lopez (fot. iheartradio)

It’s been 10 years since Jennifer Lopez released new music. In recent years, the singer has focused more on the development of her film career, a documentary devoted to her career, concerts and marriage with Ben Affleck. Now Lopez returns to music and announces the premiere of an album and a film. We know the release date of Jennifer Lopez’s new album.

Jennifer Lopez announced her return to music. On February 16, 2024, the singer will release her first album in 10 years. There will also be a film inspired by songs from the album. Jennifer Lopez’s new album will be called “This Is Me… Now”, a reference to the artist’s third album “This Is Me… Then” from 2002. The project is described as an intimate, reflective, funny, fantastically musical and visually extraordinary story about the publicly analyzed love life of Jennifer Lopez.

The film inspired by the artist’s album will be released under the title “This Is Me… Now: The Film”. The productions will be available on the Amazon Prime platform. Lopez announces that it will be a film and musical feast telling the story of the artist’s journey to self-healing, regaining faith in love and faith in a happy ending. What Lopez fans will see and hear will fill them with hope that true love exists and they deserve it. Dave Meyers is responsible for the film.

A foretaste of what we will hear on the artist’s new album and see in the film will be available on January 10. Then the first single promoting the album called “Can’t Get Enough” will be released.

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