Meryl Streep confirms shocking reports

Meryl Streep, Don Gummer (fot. entertainment weekly)

Jada Pinkett Smith recently revealed that she has been separated from Will Smith for six years. It turns out that they weren’t the only ones who hid their breakup. Meryl Streep’s representative confirmed the rumors that have been circulating for several days that the actress has been separated from her long-time husband for six years.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer married in 1978. They have four children together: Henry Wolfe (43), Mamie Gummer (40), Grace Gummer (37) and Louisa Jacobson (30). It has now been revealed that the couple has been separated for over six years. The reports were confirmed by Meryl Streep’s press secretary.

“Don Gummer and Meryl Streep have been separated for more than six years. And while they will always care for each other, they have chosen lives apart.” – a spokesman for the actress said to

The couple is said to have been separated since at least 2017.

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